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Economics Curriculum

With the Economics: Destination JAXPORT curriculum, students will learn about the myriad of job opportunities in the maritime industry.JAXPORT and the Duval County Public Schools have partnered to impact economic education in Northeast Florida. Designed for 12th grade economics courses, the dynamic curriculum below offers lessons in how efficiency, employment, derived demand and protectionism affect one of the area's largest economic engines.*

Curriculum resources

For Educators

Introduction to JAXPORT

Economic Efficiency Lesson

Economics: Destination JAXPORTEmployment

Credit and Consumerism

Derived Demand Lesson

Economics: Destination JAXPORT.Protectionism Lesson

National Council on Economic Education Standards


For more information about JAXPORT's education programs, please call us at (904) 357-3080 or e-mail us at info@jaxport.com.

For a copy of the full curriculum, including answer keys and lesson plans, please email your request to Patrick Curran at curranp@duvalschools.org.

* Rates and fees used in this curriculum may not reflect the actual rates and fees currently assessed by JAXPORT. Most are used as learning examples. Please contact JAXPORT's Marketing and Trade Development department at (904) 357-3030 or info@JAXPORT.com for accurate pricing information.

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