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Bidding Opportunities

Welcome! In order to assist prospective bidders and streamline the review process for JAXPORT, the City of Jacksonville and its other Independent Agencies, the links below will direct you to current city-wide bidding opportunities.

Each entity is responsible for the information contained on their site.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the City of Jacksonville or the respective agency.

City of Jacksonville
Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA)
Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)
Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)
Duval County Public Schools (DCPS)

JAXPORT Procurement Services Bidding & Project Opportunities


All bid responses must be dated and time stamped by the Procurement Services Department by 2:00 p.m. on the respective scheduled opening date. The prospective bidder bears full responsibility to ensure that its bid or request for proposal is received at the proper time and place, whether the bid response is mailed or hand delivered. JAXPORT assumes no responsibility for delays in U.S. Mail or other delivery service.

Vendor Information

Engineering and Construction vendor form
If you are a construction or engineering firm, complete this form and fax it to (904) 357-3077 to receive related bids.

Commodities and Services vendor form
If you are a vendor offering goods and services, complete this form and fax it to (904) 357-3077 to receive related bids.

Questions? Click here to contact the Procurement Services Team.

Current JAXPORT Bidding Opportunities: