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Ferry outage extended – further repairs needed

February 18, 2009

Please be advised that the St. Johns River Ferry will be out of service longer than originally anticipated.

During recent routine maintenance, the team working on the Jean Ribault uncovered the need for unexpected in-depth repairs to the vessel. This extensive work will help ensure the safety and reliability of the ferry into the future.

At this time, JAXPORT anticipates ferry service resuming the first week in March rather than the last week in February. We’ll provide the exact date/time of the restarting of the service as the repair and maintenance work progresses.

Ferry service was suspended as planned for required maintenance on February 5, 2009. We regret any inconvenience the extension of the outage may pose.

If you need any other information to the following numbers: JAXPORT at 904-357-3006 or Hornblower Marine Services at 904-241-9969.

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