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Governor signs bill to streamline port security

May 24, 2011

Governor Rick Scott streamlined seaport security regulations by signing HB 283 into law today. HB 283 removes state regulations that mirror federal government security measures that have put Florida’s ports at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring states and countries.

Currently, nearly 1.3 million Florida jobs depend on international business, and more than 55,000 companies in Florida export products and services. In 2010, Florida origin exports reached $55.2 billion – a 17.8% increase over 2009 figures. According to the Trade and Logistics Study from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the state is well positioned to create an additional 143,000 jobs and be well on its way to becoming the number one job creator in the country by aligning its multimodal transportation assets with projected increases in domestic and global freight movement.

JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson was in attendance at today's announcement and snapped the photo shown on the right.

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