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JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson honors U.S. Rep. John Mica for his work on behalf of seaports

March 23, 2012

U.S. Rep. John Mica recognized as AAPA Person of the Year for 2012

JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson was on hand in Washington D.C. this week as U.S. Rep. John Mica was recognized as the American Association of Port Authorities’ Person of the Year for 2012. Anderson and the Jacksonville Port Authority nominated Rep. Mica for this prestigious honor in recognition of his many contributions to the vitality of the nation’s seaports.

John Mica is a 10-term congressman representing the 7th Congressional District of Florida and in January 2011, Congressman Mica’s colleagues selected him to serve as chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. During his tenure, he has displayed significant knowledge and responsiveness to the needs of the maritime industry.  Last summer, Rep. Mica presented the Surface Transportation bill, which for the first time includes the maritime industry in its title, effectively elevating port issues and needs.  The bill also contains methods for ensuring full use of the Harbor Maintenance Tax, a critical point if this funding mechanism for the nation’s seaports is to have its intended impact.

In  nominating the congressman as AAPA Port Person of the year, Paul Anderson commended Rep. Mica for pledging to do better for the nation’s ports; to move critical infrastructure projects forward more efficiently and to find ways to maintain the nation’s competitiveness in the realm of international trade.  “The selection of Chairman Mica as Port Person of the Year reinforces the work of a highly visible and effective national leader who understands the critical importance of ports and does not shy away from including maritime and seaport challenges as he seeks solutions to the myriad of transportation problems this nation faces,” said Anderson. “With his focus, our often ‘invisible’  industry is beginning to enter the popular consciousness as a worthwhile investment today to reap the economic benefits for generations to come.”

JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson congratulates Congressman John Mica for being honored as the AAPA Person of the Year for 2012.

JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson congratulates Congressman John Mica for being honored as the AAPA Person of the Year for 2012.

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