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JAXPORT CEO thanks DOT, transportation leaders for Tiger III award

December 12, 2011

Comments from Paul Anderson, CEO Jacksonville (FL) Port Authority

We are grateful that the TIGER administrators recognize that our ICTF project is worthy of significant federal investment.

We understand that the DOT is trying to make the TIGER dollars go as far as possible to do as much good as possible. There was a lot of competition for those dollars and again, we thank the Secretary and his staff for this award and our political leadership for their steadfast support.

We had requested $25 million of the $45 million total with the remainder pledged by the State of Florida. The current size of the grant award, $10 million, means we must go back and work diligently to try and make up the shortfall, if we are to proceed. 

It’s going to take some work and a lot of creative thinking, but I remain hopeful that the importance of this project to our future competitive position will continue to make the solid case for funding it.

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