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A message from JAXPORT Chairman James P. Citrano

November 13, 2012

It’s been well publicized that JAXPORT CEO Paul Anderson is on deck to fulfill the same role at the Tampa Port Authority in the next few months. I will be asking Paul to stay on with us for a period of time.

I am proud to say that the port's service to our customers, employees and constituents will remain in the able hands of our Executive Vice President Roy Schleicher, Chief Operating Officer Chris Kauffmann and Chief Financial Officer Mike Poole, all of whom are supported by the men and women of JAXPORT.  This dedicated team will provide consistency and continuity.

Please join me in thanking Paul for his many contributions to our community and our region during the past two years. While change is not easy, we will continue the momentum we’ve built up and maintain our relentless drive toward maximizing this port’s assets for the good of our citizens.

I am committed to leading the board in selecting a new CEO that is an individual of extraordinary qualifications, prepared to meet the challenges of an industry that is changing faster than ever. The process for that selection will evolve during the upcoming weeks and will be publicly discussed by the board.

Thank you for your interest and your continued support during this transition period.

James P. Citrano
Jacksonville Port Authority

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