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The following are frequently asked questions about the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT). If you have a question not answered here or elsewhere on our web site, please contact us by email or call (904) 357-3097 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Eastern time. We look forward to serving you.

What is the Jacksonville Port Authority?

The Jacksonville Port Authority is an independent authority created by Florida's State Legislature. The vision of the Jacksonville Port Authority is for Northeast Florida to be a principal hub of the nation’s global logistics, trade and transportation network. JAXPORT is the owner and operator of the Blount Island Marine Terminal, Talleyrand Marine Terminal, the Dames Point Marine Terminal and the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal.

What is Jacksonville Port Authority's relationship with city and state government?

The original Jacksonville Port Authority was created by a special act of the Florida Legislature in 1963 to develop, maintain and market Jacksonville's port facilities. At that time, those assets included the deteriorating wooden docks near downtown at what is now called the Talleyrand Marine Terminal and a rattlesnake-infested spoil site known as Blount Island. Chartered by the state of Florida, the Port Authority was created as a government entity that would operate in a business-like fashion.

In 1968 the Legislature put Jacksonville's public airports - Jacksonville International Airport, Craig and Herlong Airports - under port authority control. Cecil Field, operated for 58 years as a Naval Air Station, became Jacksonville's fourth public airport in October 1999.

In 2001, the Jacksonville Port Authority's marine and aviation operations had grown large enough that, at the request of the Jacksonville City Council, the Florida Legislature passed a bill to divide the port authority into two separate authorities. The Legislature created the Jacksonville Aviation Authority to manage the city's airports, and the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) to once again manage only the city's public seaport facilities.

JAXPORT is governed by a seven-member board, with three members appointed by Florida's governor, and four appointed by Jacksonville's mayor. Each board member serves a four-year term.

How many employees does the Jacksonville Port Authority have?

The Jacksonville Port Authority has about 150 employees; however, the private sector customers and tenants who use Port Authority seaport terminals employ thousands of workers. According to economic impact studies, the combined direct, indirect and induced impact of the maritime industries in the Jacksonville area account for more than 65,000 jobs.

Marine industry jobs include import/export companies, container services, dredging and marine construction companies, freight forwarders, custom brokers, rail carriers, ship chandlers, stevedores, towing and barge services and trucking companies among others. Together these companies generate a tremendous economic impact on Florida's First Coast.

How much cargo is handled through the Port of Jacksonville each year?

Tonnage for the entire Jacksonville harbor, which includes JAXPORT's three public marine terminals and more than a dozen private terminals not operated by the Port Authority, exceeds 16 million tons each year. Of this total, JAXPORT's three public marine terminals handled more than 8 million tons in fiscal year 2013 (ending September 30, 2013). Click here for more port statistics.

How can I get a job at the Port of Jacksonville?

About 150 people work at the Jacksonville Port Authority, but private businesses operating in and around Jacksonville's port account for more than 65,000 jobs, producing $19 billion annually in economic output. This includes direct jobs - such as a truck driver hauling freight, as well as indirect jobs, such as a garage mechanic who might work on that truck driver's engine.

To find current job openings at the Port Authority, visit JAXPORTjobs.com, which also lists job openings at companies operating in and around Jacksonville's port.

To learn about job openings at the cruise lines serving Jacksonville, please visit the Carnival Cruise Lines jobs web site. To learn about jobs in the cruise terminal service industry, please visit Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services.

Where can I find information about cruises in Jacksonville?

Visit our extensive cruise information section to discover what cruise lines service Jacksonville, where the cruise terminal is located, and much much more.