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Access Control Center


Ph: 1-855-347-8371  ·  www.tsa.gov/twic

JAXPORT’s rigid security standards include the Federal Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program, which is administered by the Transportation Security Administration. The TWIC is required for access to all JAXPORT terminals.

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) – Policy on Expiring TWIC

Effective August 30, 2012, TWIC holders who are U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals, and whose TWICs will expire on or before December 31, 2014, have two options to renew their TWIC. Click for detailed information regarding options.

NEW:  Due to the large number of transportation workers requesting extended expiration date (EED) TWICs, TSA requests that you order an EED TWIC no sooner than four months prior to your current TWIC expiration date.  If your card expires within four months and you would like to order an EED TWIC, please call the TWIC Help Desk at 1-855-347-8371.

TWIC Application Process and questions:

  • Call the TWIC help desk (1-855-347-8371, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern) to begin the application process.

Important Update:

 JAXPORT Access Control Synchronizing your (EED) TWIC CARD:

For all current JAXPORT Badge holders and all others seeking regular access to JAXPORT facilities; you must upon receiving your renewed TWIC card, complete synchronization  through the following process:

  1. Present your renewed TWIC card and the JAXPORT registrant form to the Access Control receptionist.
  2. Input your TWIC Pin #
  3. Receive, upon completion of your application process a business purpose JAXPORT Badge with the renewed TWIC expiration date.

JAXPORT Access Control Center

JAXPORT Access Control Center
9620 Dave Rawls Blvd. 1st Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32226
(Two-story brick building attached to the west end of the main security gate complex at the Blount Island Marine Terminal)

Ph: (904) 357-3344 or (904) 357-3253
Fax: (904) 751-5419
Email: accesscontrol@jaxport.com

The JAXPORT Access Control Center, located at the Blount Island main security gate, operates on a walk-in basis (no appointments necessary) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Access Control Center is closed on weekends and holidays.

At the Access Control Center, you may submit your completed applications.

Appointments are available for companies with credential renewals only for a group of eight people or more. Please call (904) 357-3253 or (904) 357-3344 for appointments.

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Port Credentials Overview

A TWIC Receipt is issued at the time of TWIC application. JAXPORT accepts the TWIC Receipt, in lieu of the TWIC, allowing up to thirty (30) days of escorted access before the TWIC arrives. Access will be terminated if the TWIC is not presented at the JAXPORT Access Control Center before or at the conclusion of the thirty (30) day period. JAXPORT requires that the TWIC credential to be linked to the JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential which must be carried with the TWIC. The JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential is issued at no charge to persons accessing the port.

The JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential will verify that the applicant has maintained a "business purpose" to access the port. The Access Control Center will conduct periodic checks of issued credentials via employers or business purpose card holders to ensure they remain active for the purpose issued.

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Registering for a JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential (first time registrants and renewals)

Steps to apply:

  1. Complete and sign the JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential Registration Form.
  2. Ensure the Registration Form has been signed by an Administrative Officer of your Employer and by a Sponsoring Seaport Tenant if required.
  3. Bring the following documents to the Access Control Center:
    1. Examples of required Identification Documents shown here.
      Please note: The most common documents required to establish identity and employment eligibility are a valid U.S. Driver's License or State Identification Card, TWIC / TWIC receipt, Birth Certificate or Record, U.S. Passport or Alien Registration Card (copies cannot be accepted). Florida Law prevents JAXPORT from recognizing Social Security Cards as identification.
    2. The completed JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential Registration Form.
    3. Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) or TWIC Receipt (indicating that TWIC has been applied for).

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Port Tenant Information

As a vital partner in maintaining strict security standards at JAXPORT, thank you for your work in keeping the port safe and secure. Here are some relevant security notices and forms for you:

Company Signature Authorization Form - Use this form to authorize select individuals in your company to sign for all matters relating to JAXPORT Security requirements.

Visitor Policy - Please note these procedures regarding your visitors who do not possess JAXPORT credentials. Following these steps will ensure that your guests are provided swift and efficient access to your company.

Visitor Request Form - Use this form to ensure your visitors are logged correctly by JAXPORT security and enjoy speedy access to your company. The Visitor Request Form shall be submitted to Access Control 24 hours prior to the visitors' arrival.

TWIC Escort Form - Print this form double-sided (front/back) to comply with TWIC standards. (Two-page printouts will not be accepted.)

Notice of Termination Form - Use this form to process the badges of individuals who no longer require access to the port.

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Report Suspicious Activity/More Information

If you have any Access Control or JAXPORT Business Purpose Credential questions, call (904) 357-3253 or email accesscontrol@jaxport.com.

For TWIC info, call (855) 347-8371 or visit the TSA website.

For all other Security-related (non-credential) issues, call (904) 357-3360.

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