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JAXPORT Review, a monthly television program hosted by JAXPORT's Senior Director of Communications Nancy Rubin, examines port issues with business leaders and transportation officials around Northeast Florida. JAXPORT Review airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Comcast channel 99. Watch excerpts on YouTube, or right-click an episode linked below and select "Save target as..." to download and watch on your computer.

August 2012
Planning and Mobility Leader Rob Palmer, RS&H
Video 270p, 289MB
Audio 52MB

July 2012
Portus Vice President Chris May
Video 270p, 286MB
Audio 51MB

May 2012
Jerry Scarborough, Chief, Water Resources Branch, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District
Video 270p, 265MB
Audio 53MB

April 2012
Florida State Rep. Lake Ray
Video 270p, 225MB
Audio 53MB

March 2012
Roy Schleicher, JAXPORT Interim Chief Executive Officer
Video 360p, 288MB
Audio 52MB

February 2012
Doug Straatsma, CBP’s Assistant Port Director for Trade in the Port of Jacksonville
Video 360p, 180MB
Audio 39MB

November 2011
Joe Miller, Senior Director, Facilities Development, JAXPORT
Video 360p, 254MB
Audio 25MB

October 2011
Raul Alfonso, Senior Director, Global Marketing and Trade Development, JAXPORT
Video 360p, 234MB
Audio 25MB

September 2011
Robert Peek, Director, Marketing Development, JAXPORT
Video 360p, 261MB
Audio 24MB

July 2011
Daniel Bean, Holland & Knight; and Jen Yoder, Business Development Manager, England-Thims & Miller
Video 270p, 292MB
Audio 52MB

June 2011
Yemisi Bolumole, Ph.D., Director, Transportation and Logistics Program, UNF
Video 360p, 244MB
Audio 54MB

May 2011
George D. Gabel, Partner, Holland and Knight; North Florida Logistics Advisory Group
Video 360p, 235MB
Audio 27MB

March 2011
Mary Jane Mackey, President, Goodnight International
Video 270p, 269MB
Audio 47MB