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JAXPORT 50th Anniversary

JAXPORT is celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2013.

Although use of Jacksonville’s port dates back to at least 1565,

the Jacksonville Port Authority was created by a special act of the Florida Legislature in 1963 to develop, maintain and market port facilities.

Throughout 2013, JAXPORT is honoring the work that has shaped today's success. Journey with us through JAXPORT's history and review a few of our historical milestones in JAXPORT's 50th Anniversary special report.

Thank you for being a part of our past, present, and especially our future. With your help, we’re not only fabulous at 50, we are charting the course to bring another half century of economic prosperity to North Florida and beyond.

Take a tour of JAXPORT Take a tour of JAXPORT

In honor of JAXPORT's 50th Anniversary, throughout 2013, you have a chance to join tours on pre-scheduled dates. Look up tour dates and reserve a spot today!

Leaders of the port

The following individuals have led the port as Executive Director/CEO:

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Rick Ferrin

Rick Ferrin

Ken Krauter

Ken Krauter

Cliff Mendoza

C. Clifford Mendoza

Paul deMariano

Paul D. deMariano

John MacKroth

John MacKroth

James Scott

James Scott, Jr.

Robert Peace

Robert C. Peace

Dave Rawls

Dave Rawls


JAXPORT Historical Photos

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