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The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), an independent government agency created by the Florida legislature, operates primarily as a landlord, managing the upkeep, improvement and expansion of Port Authority facilities and coordinating their use by private companies. The physical facilities owned by JAXPORT include docks and wharfs, cranes, a passenger cruise terminal, warehouses, paved open storage areas and road connections to the public highway system. The Port Authority provides and maintains the terminals and their equipment and manages the overall use of the facilities.

In addition, JAXPORT offers year-round cruise ship service aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' ship Carnival Fascination. The Carnival Fascination sails from the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal. Click for more cruise information.

The day-to-day operations of JAXPORT are not funded with public dollars. Private companies fund the port's operating expenses by paying for the use of port facilities through user fees, leases and other charges. JAXPORT's operating revenues less operating expenses yield positive net income each year. Click for JAXPORT's most recent Annual Report.

Jacksonville Port Authority's Strategic Plan

JAXPORT's Strategic Plan identifies a vision and mission for JAXPORT, defines the focus of the Port Authority and establishes major goals which are critical for its success. Click for more on the Strategic Plan.


Northeast Florida will be a principal hub of the nation’s global logistics, trade and transportation network


Creating jobs and opportunity by offering the most competitive environment for the movement of cargo and people