100-Gauge Cranes

JAXPORT’s new 100-gauge cranes regularly move containers at the Blount Island Marine Terminal.

JAXPORT continues to add new container cranes to increase efficiency and accommodate continued container volume growth at the Blount Island Marine Terminal.

JAXPORT tenant SSA Atlantic welcomed three new 100-gauge container cranes in the summer of 2023, doubling the terminal’s 100-gauge crane inventory to six. The new cranes are equipped to service wider, post-Panamax vessels with the ability to reach across 22 containers. Each electric crane works on regenerative power, consuming power during the lifting of containers and creating energy as they lower. The use of electricity will increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

To further enhance the terminal’s capabilities, the Florida Department of Transportation has awarded JAXPORT $30 million for the purchase two new diesel-electric container cranes to serve the international and Puerto Rico trades at Blount Island. The new cranes are on order from Liebherr-America, Inc., and are expected to arrive by the end of 2025.

As cargo-handling infrastructure expands, the cranes ensure JAXPORT can continue to meet the growing cargo volume needs of Florida businesses and consumers and build on our position as a global gateway in the Southeast U.S.