SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal

ZIM USA at JAXPORT's Blount Island Marine Terminal

terminal improvements currently underway

Construction on the SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal (JCT) on Blount Island began in January 2022 and includes eight phases planned over three years. The upgraded terminal will feature 93 acres of high-density pavement to accommodate taller stacks of containers, with the capability to grow to 120 acres as needed.

Upon completion in 2024, the SSA facility will be able to accommodate nearly 500,000 TEUs (containers) annually.

Included within the eight phases are upgraded terminal lighting, a new terminal gate system offering six inbound lanes and six outbound, and additional yard equipment.

With upgrades to the terminal infrastructure, three new eco-friendly 100-gauge cranes arrived in summer 2023, bringing the SSA JCT’s total to six. The new cranes can reach 25 containers across a ship’s deck and lift one over 10 containers high.

Funding is in place to raise the overhead powerlines near the terminal. Upon completion of the project in 2025, Blount Island will have an operational air draft clearance of 205 ft. above mean high water.

Existing Capabilities

12.5 nautical miles (23.2km) from the Atlantic Ocean

Channel depth: 47 ft. (14.32 m)

Air draft: 175 ft. (53.34m) – increasing to 205 ft. (62.48m) in 2025

Terminal Area: 103 acres (0.38 sq km)

Linear berthing space: 3,500 linear ft. (838.2m) of newly rebuilt berths

Deck height above MSL (mean sea level): +9 ft. (+2.43m)

Equipment: Nine container cranes: six 65-ton, 100-gauge, including three arriving in 2023; and three 50-ton, 50 gauge

Reefer Plugs: 250

Near-Dock Rail Connection: CSX

Highway Connections: Minutes from I-295 with connections to I-95 and I-10


Mean High Water (MHW): +2.2 ft. (+0.67m) MSL

Mean Low Water (MLW): -1.3 ft. (-0.39m) MSL

Turning Basin

Dimensions: 2,672 ft. x 1,500 ft. (814.42m x 457.2m)

Depth: 47 ft. (14.32m)

For tide windows and information on accessing the Port of Jacksonville’s harbor, please contact the St. Johns Bar Pilot Association at or by phone at (904) 246-6716.

Commercial Real Estate in Jacksonville, Florida

Total existing inventory: 152M SF

Under construction: 7M SF

Jacksonville sort centers: UPS: 1.6M SF / USPS: 1.4M SF

*Amazon also operates more than 4M sq ft of distribution center space in Jacksonville.

Cold Storage

42M+ cubic feet of refrigerated space available, another 24M cubic feet opening or under construction

150,000 pallet positions