Strategic Plan

Delivering a 47-foot Shipping Channel & Beyond

In 2014, following extensive research and analysis, JAXPORT finalized a new Strategic Master Plan to lead the port and the Northeast Florida region into the future. This roadmap to success was developed using internal trade and capacity analytics as well as in-depth assessments of industry trends and forecasts. We also looked to our valued customers and tenants for feedback to ensure our goals are in line with the demands of this rapidly changing business.

The plan features four major JAXPORT business goals and the strategies to achieve them.

The Strategic Master Plan also includes our pledge to the community to maximize the use of the public assets entrusted to us to create jobs and opportunity and to always demand a measurable return for the dollars invested in our facilities.


Northeast Florida will be a principal hub of the nation’s global logistics, trade and transportation network


Creating jobs and opportunity by offering the most competitive environment for the movement of cargo and people

Guiding Principles

Innovation · Teamwork · Accountability · Leadership · Integrity

We Pledge To

  • Demand a measurable return for the dollars invested
  • Maximize the use of public assets for public good
  • Balance the interests of those we serve
  • Integrate green port initiatives into all endeavors
  • Pursue all outreach and engagement opportunities

Goals and Strategies

Deliver a 47-foot shipping channel

  • Eliminate the Mile Point navigational issue
  • Interface with U.S. Congress, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and all those able to expedite approval/funding
  • Develop business and community consensus
  • Design and construct the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility at Dames Point
  • Develop a more efficient rail corridor in collaboration with business and community partners
  • Work with the FL Dept. of Transportation to enhance the regional highway and road systems

Develop near-term and long-term plans that are operationally and financially compatible

  • Ensure complete integration of near-term and long-term capital spending plans
  • Optimize the current capabilities of the Talleyrand Marine Terminal
  • Continue berth and rail improvements at the Blount Island Marine Terminal to support a 47-foot harbor
  • Efficiently manage ongoing dredging and disposal operations
  • Finalize a Mayport property strategy that creates economic value and is consistent with community goals

Preserve diversity of business

  • Increase market share in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Develop a business model for an alternate cruise terminal
  • Capitalize on existing infrastructure to support specialty and oversized cargoes
  • Strengthen bulk handling capabilities for commodities such as limestone, granite, biodiesel and liquids
  • Continue to offer rapid, effective, secure service during U.S. military mobilizations as one of only 17 strategic military ports in the nation

Deliver annual profitable business growth

  • Leverage prime geographic location
  • Target retail and refrigerated distribution capabilities, manufacturing and light assembly companies
  • Market directly to ocean carriers and importers/exporters
  • Aggressively pursue options to serve all international carriers and major shipping alliances
  • Promote the use of the Foreign Trade Zone
  • Lead the industry in support of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) operations