Tariff Schedule

Notice to our Tenants, Customers and Business Partners:

Updated Sept. 1, 2023

Effective October 1, 2023, the Jacksonville Port Authority will be revising its Terminal Tariff with a General Rate Increase (GRI) of 3% for most of its rates and services.

Exceptions include:
No Rate Change

  • Bunkering (Rule 31-026)
  • Cruise Terminal Parking (Rule 31-265)
  • Cruise Terminal Port Fees (Rule 31-280)
  • Cyber Security Incident Disclosure (Rule 31-069)
  • Customs and Border Protection Reimbursable Services Program (Rule 31-067)
  • Dredge Material Management Area (DMMA) Material Removal (Rule 31-107)
  • Fuel Surcharge (Rule 31-167)
  • Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (Rule 31-210)
  • Overflow Land Rental (Rule 31-255)
  • Penalty Charges (Rule 31-270)
  • Storm Berthing (Rule 31-367)
  • TWIC Escorts (Rule 31-415)

The complete tariff, as well as the pricing summary sheet can be reviewed by clicking the links below. 

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