Commercial Traffic

Please be advised that a fee is required for all commercial vehicles carrying passengers out of the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal.

Commercial vehicle fees:

Transportation TypeFee
All Commercial Traffic10.00
Coach/Full-Size Bus (26 or more passengers)50.00
Franchised Taxi Company3.00
Transportation Networking Companies3.00
  • Commercial vehicles dropping off passengers at the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal for regular cruise service will not incur a fee.
  • All other commercial vehicles can only access the Cruise Terminal to pick up pre-arranged passengers if they provide the name of the specific person(s) they are to pick up.
  • All other transportation providers are considered commercial traffic.
  • These fees are payable upon entry into the terminal before you pick up your passengers. Please make sure you are prepared to pay at this time.
  • Fees will be waived if a bus or motor coach has paid to park in the JAXPORT parking lot for the duration of the cruise. The driver would be required to show the paid parking receipt to the attendant who collects the fees.

For More Information

If you have a question about the fee process, contact JAXPORT’s Cruise Operations hotline at (904) 357-3006.

Other Goods and Services

If you have a product or service for the cruise ship or the cruise lines, contact the cruise line directly. Visit for more details.

For services and products for the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal building, please check JAXPORT’s current projects for bid.