Port Improvements

Harbor Deepening ribbon cuttingHarbor Deepening ribbon cutting

Harbor Deepening

The Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Project was completed through
Blount Island in May 2022, providing a 47-foot channel depth
for vessels calling JAXPORT.
JAXPORT Blount Island Marine TerminalJAXPORT Blount Island Marine Terminal
100-Gauge Cranes
The new container cranes are equipped to service wider, post-Panamax vessels
with the ability to reach across 22 containers.
Berth EnhancementsBerth Enhancements
Berth Enhancements
$100 million in berth enhancements are complete, and more upgrades
are under construction to enable JAXPORT to build the port of the future.

JAXPORT continues to invest in the future, growing Jacksonville’s global competitiveness in trade and transportation and delivering jobs and prosperity to the people of Northeast Florida.

As the owner and manager of Jacksonville’s public ship terminals, JAXPORT is committed to the ongoing enhancement of port infrastructure and facilities.