Charter and Executive Summary

Created by a special act of the Florida Legislature, the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is an independent authority of the City of Jacksonville. JAXPORT’s framework is found in Article 5 of the Related laws section of the City’s Charter.

Download and read the JAXPORT Charter.

The JAXPORT Charter establishes the basis for operations, providing that JAXPORT has the authority to operate, manage, and control publicly-owned seaport and ancillary facilities in Duval County, promoting the growth of maritime and related industries in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. The Charter provides that the JAXPORT Board of Directors consists of seven unpaid members, three of whom are appointed by the Governor of Florida and four appointed by the Mayor of Jacksonville. Board members are to serve staggered four-year terms and may be appointed to one additional term.

Among other things, the Charter lists the Authority’s power in great detail, establishes JAXPORT’s authority to issue bonds, creates a basis for the City Council’s right to review and modify JAXPORT’s budget and sets a framework for JAXPORT’s procurement process.