public safety

JAXPORT’s vision for occupational safety is to provide a safe and healthy work environment, with the belief that all workplace incidents are preventable. The safety and health of our employees, tenants and visitors is the first priority in all aspects of our business.

JAXPORT’s Commitment to Safety

JAXPORT workers following safety policies, regulations and procedures

JAXPORT has the responsibility to provide a safe workplace and to implement and enforce policies directed toward the elimination of hazards or unsafe practices.

Employees are expected to comply with established health and safety policies, regulations and procedures, and are encouraged to report hazardous conditions or actions in the workplace.

Safety Manual

JAXPORT publishes a Safety Manual that outlines industry best practices. The manual addresses Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety awareness topics and serves as part of a continuing program to all personnel who work at or visit our facilities.

The JAXPORT Safety Manual is a source for information on how to report accidents and injuries. All JAXPORT employees are required to become familiar with this manual and follow safety policies and procedures while performing their duties.

Download the JAXPORT Safety Manual.

All personnel entering JAXPORT property are subject to security and safety requirements in accordance with mandates set by the Federal Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002, as well as JAXPORT’s Security and Safety Violations policy.

The policy outlines port security violations and the penalties involved for anyone found to be operating in an unsafe manner on JAXPORT property.

Download the JAXPORT Security and Safety Violations policy.

Safety Committee

JAXPORT’s Department of Public Safety leads and facilitates a port-wide Safety Committee comprised of safety professionals from JAXPORT and the tenants of its leased properties.

Working together as partners of the port, the Safety Committee formulates and disseminates policies, practices and procedures that promote health and safety throughout all of JAXPORT.

The Safety Committee focuses on three primary objectives:

  • To provide support and to enhance JAXPORT’s all-encompassing safety program. In addition, Safety Committee members will encourage all of their employees to participate in the safety process.
  • To facilitate the personal safety and health of each employee who works or visits JAXPORT properties to aid in the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • To communicate with all JAXPORT and tenant personnel, and serve as a direct voice to all levels of management.