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The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is a full-service, international trade seaport in the Southeastern United States. JAXPORT owns and manages three cargo terminals in Jacksonville, Florida.

JAXPORT and its maritime partners handle containerized cargo, automobiles, recreational boats and construction equipment (Ro/Ro), dry and liquid bulks, breakbulk commodities, and oversized and specialty cargoes. In 2013, JAXPORT’s three cargo terminals handled a total of 8.2 million tons of cargo, including more than 926,000 TEUs – a new container record – and more than 630,000 vehicles. JAXPORT now ranks as the No. 1 vehicle export port in the United States, and Jacksonville is the top container port in the State of Florida.

JAXPORT terminals feature 18 container cranes, on-dock refrigerated and freezer warehousing, Foreign Trade Zone status and outstanding intermodal connections. To help speed goods to market, shippers can take advantage of Jacksonville’s location at the crossroads of three major railroads (CSX, Norfolk Southern and Florida East Coast Railway) and three interstate highways (I-95, I-10 and 1-75).

A network of privately-owned maritime facilities also operates in Jacksonville’s harbor, and in Northeast Florida, more than 65,000 jobs are related to port activity, which creates an economic impact  of almost $19 billion annually.

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If you have any questions about shipping your goods through Jacksonville, please call the Jacksonville Port Authority's (JAXPORT's) Sales and Marketing team at (904) 357-3030 or email us at info@jaxport.com.