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Arriving Vessels

Welcome! The map below is real-time information on the vessels currently in the Jacksonville Harbor. For a listing of projected ship arrivals provided as a service by the Jacksonville Maritime Transportation Exchange (JMTX), click here.  

** Marinetraffic.com is responsible for the accuracy and content of the map. JAXPORT is not responsible for the accuracy of data provided at Marinetraffic.com.


*Ship schedules are subject to change without notice. For more information, see the contact info below:

 Blount Island and Dames Point Marine Terminals 
 David Price   Ph: (904) 357-3305
 Kevin McPheeters   Ph: (904) 759-7783 
 Talleyrand Marine Terminal 
 Tim Blanton   Ph: (904) 838-4291 
 Rod Ingram   Ph: (904) 838-4293 
 St. Johns Bar Pilot Association 
 24-hour dispatcher   Ph: (904) 246-6716 
 City of Jacksonville docks (non-JAXPORT docks) 
 City dockmaster   Ph: (904) 630-0837