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We hope you have found this web site useful, but if there is something else you need, please let us know. We are also interested in your questions and comments. Please contact us at:

Jacksonville Port Authority
P.O. Box 3005
2831 Talleyrand Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32206-0005 USA

General Info: (904) 357-3000 or Fax (904) 357-3060

E-mail*: info@jaxport.com

Cruise information: (904) 357-3006

Booking freight or moving cargo: email, (904) 357-3030 or (800) 874-8050

Port jobs: jaxportjobs.com (JAXPORT and private port company job openings)

TWIC: contact the TSA at (855) 347-8371

Security: visit our port security section

Port tours or JAXPORT speaker: (904) 357-3080 or by email

Request printed port materials: (904) 357-3080 or by email

Media: (904) 357-3012 or email

JAXPORT Management
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer Brian Taylor (904) 357-3036
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President / Chief Commercial Officer Roy Schleicher (904) 357-3041
Director, Human Resources Sheryl Williams (904) 357-3005
Manager, Risk Management Chris Crouch (904) 357-3083
Senior Director, Communications Nancy Rubin (904) 357-3012
Senior Coordinator, Communications Julie Watson (904) 357-3084
Engineering and Construction
Senior Director, Facilities Development Joe Miller (904) 357-3001
Director, Project Management Marvin Grieve (904) 357-3064
Chief Financial Officer Michael Poole (904) 357-3061
Senior Director, Finance Aaron Kendrick (904) 357-3067
Controller Mike McClung (904) 357-3004
Director of Procurement Services Louis Naranjo (904) 357-3065
Government and Community Outreach
Senior Director, Government and Community Outreach Eric Green (904) 357-3045
Chief Operating Officer Chris Kauffmann (904) 357-3089
Director of Port Security and Emergency Preparedness Chuck White (904) 357-3351
Terminal Director Blount Island, Dames Point and Cruise Operations Victoria Robas (904) 357-3301
Blount Island Operations Manager Steve Kapustka (904) 357-3303
Terminal Director Talleyrand Doug Menefee (904) 357-3201
Talleyrand Operations Manager Randy Anderson (904) 357-3202
Planning and Properties
Senior Director, Planning and Commercial Development David Kaufman (904) 357-3044
Director, Corporate Performance and Contracting Linda Williams (904) 357-3009
Director, Properties and Environmental Compliance David Stubbs (904) 357-3082
Sales and Marketing
Director / General Manager, Business Development Robert Peek (904) 357-3047
Director, National Accounts and Container Sales Lisa Wheldon (904) 357-3059
Director, Latin America Sales Ricardo Schiappacasse (904) 357-3071
Director, Non-Containerized Sales Frank Camp (904) 357-3075
Manager, Foreign Trade Zone and Florida Sales Lisa Diaz (904) 357-3072
Northeast Representative James E. Butcher (516) 493-1935
Senior Coordinator, Business Development and Customer Service Aisha Eccleston (904) 357-3070
Cruise questions? Cruise information line (904) 357-3006
Cargo questions? JAXPORT Sales and Marketing (904) 357-3030 or toll-free at 1-800-874-8050

*Since JAXPORT is a public agency in Florida, email that is sent to us is considered public record and may be released in response to a public records request. Learn more... (F.S. 668.6076)