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JAXPORT Blount Island
Apr 23, 2024 | Cargo Blog

The maritime and shipping trade publication Journal of Commerce recently shined a spotlight on Jacksonville, Florida — a city advancing its reputation as a pivotal logistics and trade hub for the United States.

In this special advertising section, explore how Jacksonville is leveraging its strategic location and innovating and expanding capabilities to meet future challenges and opportunities.

Whether it’s the city’s business-friendly environment or status as a gateway for global trade, the collaboration among supply chain partners is unique in Jacksonville. The JOC’s story showcases examples of success and takes you on a tour of the transportation network linking freight flows and attracting top-tier talent.

Jacksonville Trade and Logistics special section in the JOC

To read the full story and discover more about how Jacksonville is realizing its potential as “America’s Logistics Center,” click here to download the PDF.

Thank you port partners

This 32-page section was made possible through the generous support of 13 port partners, whose commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Jacksonville’s trade and logistics landscape is profoundly appreciated:

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier
Atlantic Logistics
JAXUSA Partnership
JM Family EnterprisesSoutheast Toyota Distributors
JZI IntermodaLogisticsA RoadOne Company
The Marino Group: CMCITICCS
Trailer Bridge
UNIT International

What they’re saying

Beverly Hand

Beverly Hand Director of Client Relations UNIT International

Director of Client Relations, UNIT International

“Jacksonville is and always has been uniquely positioned as a supply chain hub for the Southeast and beyond. The city sees the value of deepening the channel, new cranes in the port, new roads and rails to carry the traffic the port generates and education at the local colleges to train people in the logistics areas that all this growth requires.”

Robert Peek

Robert Peek

Chief Commercial Officer, JAXPORT

“As we see growth across all of these business lines, it’s in some ways reflective of the growth overall of our city. Florida is now the third most populous state in the United States, and Northeast Florida is one of the fastest growing areas within the state. We’re seeing a lot of growth in Northeast Florida, in the City of Jacksonville and at the port, [and] we will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Mitch Luciano

Mitch Luciano CEO Trailer Bridge

CEO, Trailer Bridge

“When you look at Jacksonville … this incredible infrastructure allows you to compete. You’re not going to be limited by growth; you’re not going to be limited by talent; you’re not going to be limited by service offering. You’re going to have the ability to grow … because of the partners that you build here.”

Vee Kachroo



“We’ve got simple needs: we need space, and we need vessels to be able to come in in a timely fashion. The port authority, in terms of their continued economic investment to grow those capabilities, enables us to grow.”

Aundra Wallace

Aundra Wallace President JAXUSA Partnership

President, JAXUSA Partnership

“Our business benefits from the moves JAXPORT is making to generate more logistics industry growth for the region. With two-way ship traffic, harbor depths reaching 47 feet, connections to 17 global shipping lines and the distinction of hosting the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered container ship, JAXPORT showcases innovation and progress.”

Mike Noone

Mike Noone Chief Commercial Officer TOTE Group

Chief Commercial Officer, TOTE Group

“JAXPORT’s commitment to LNG positions them to attract additional vessels calling on the port with more and more vessels utilizing LNG as a fuel. TOTE Services’ LNG expertise will be critical to these carriers, and First Coast Terminals is positioned to handle a wide range of cargo that will arrive at the port.”

Patrick Tamasitis

Patrick Tamasitis General Manager Crowley Logistics

General Manager, Crowley Logistics

“Crowley remains committed to reducing emissions across its value chain, including transitioning to more efficient and electric terminal equipment to make a significant impact on Jacksonville’s environmental landscape. Through collaboration with JAXPORT on environmental initiatives and securing federal funding, such as the PIDP Grant, Crowley underscores its dedication to advancing sustainability efforts within the Jacksonville community.”