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Dames Point North

40+ Acre Parcel of Commercial Seaport Property
available for lease

at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT)

Dames Point Marine Terminal

in Jacksonville, Florida (USA)


The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is an independent agency located in Jacksonville, Florida, and one of the largest container, vehicle and general cargo handling ports in the Southeastern United States.

JAXPORT is identifying interest from one or more tenants for a long-term lease of approximately 40 acres of undeveloped industrial property at its Dames Point Marine Terminal in Jacksonville – a parcel that JAXPORT refers to as “Dames Point North.” Selected tenant(s) will have the operational experience, financial capability and business vision to develop and operate this maritime property to grow the port’s import and/or export cargo volumes.

Click to view specifications and response information.

Interested parties should review the document linked above, and respond by emailing robert.peek@jaxport.com by April 14, 2024.

Please use the questions at the end of the document as a guide for your response.