Ellerman City Liners adds two European port calls to weekly trans-Atlantic container service at JAXPORT

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Ellerman City Liners
Feb 16, 2023 | Cargo Blog

Ellerman City Liners‘ trans-Atlantic service United States Express (USX) is adding Bilbao, Spain and Hamburg, Germany as ports of call to its weekly rotation calling the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), providing shippers with more frequent sailings and faster transit times to Europe.

The service began calling JAXPORT in December 2022 and offers direct container service to the SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal at JAXPORT’s Blount Island Marine Terminal.

The updated port rotation is Bilbao, Spain; Antwerp, Belgium; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hamburg, Germany; Tilbury, England; New York, NY; Jacksonville, Fla; and Wilmington, NC. The service is the only direct sailing from Northern Spain to/from the United States.

“We are thrilled for Ellerman to offer additional European port calls to the USX weekly service because it provides more opportunity for shippers to take advantage of the service’s efficiencies,” said JAXPORT’s Director of Ocean Carrier Development Joyssy Woody. “This service is highly beneficial for importers and exporters looking for premium transit times between the US East Coast and Europe.”

The service moves a variety of consumer goods through JAXPORT, such as auto parts, clothing, and wine and spirits, while providing export capabilities for made-in-U.S. goods, including forest products.

“We continue to receive positive customer feedback from shippers who previously discharged at other U.S. ports and were dealing with congestion and delays at those ports,” said Woody. “The USX service provides an efficient link between two growing markets with the industry-leading service customers have come to expect from JAXPORT and Ellerman.”

For booking information with Ellerman, contact info@ellermanlines.com.

Located in the heart of the Southeast U.S., JAXPORT is Florida’s No. 1 container port by volume and one of the nation’s top vehicle-handling ports. Jacksonville offers a 47-foot deepwater shipping channel, two-way ship traffic with no berth or terminal congestion, and same-day access to 98 million U.S. consumers.