FAQ: Who are the Freight Forwarders in Jacksonville?

Meet Jacksonville's Freight Forwarders
Jan 19, 2021 | Cargo Blog

While large businesses may rely on an in-house logistics team to manage their own supply chains, others may benefit from securing a freight forwarder to optimize speed, cost, and shipment reliability.

These businesses leverage their relationships with ocean carriers, trucking firms, rail carriers and airlines to negotiate the best possible options for your cargo.

In Jacksonville, Florida, there are many freight forwarding businesses to help you navigate supply chain challenges.

These freight forwarders are listed in our JAXPORT Business Directory:

Company NamePhoneWebsite
AFF de Puerto Rico, LLC(904) 575-0580
Ally Global Logistics, LLC(781) 544-3970AllyGlobalLogistics.com
American Cargo Logistics D.B.A. Pilot Freight Services(904) 741-4990pilotdelivers.com
Aqua Gulf Transport(954) 360-6900aquagulf.com
ATS International Services, Inc.(904) 356-8444atsinc.com
Cargobarn, Inc(904) 895-7951cargobarn.com
Cartainer Ocean Line(321) 799-0707shippingmycar.com
Central Oceans USA, LLC(704) 705-0513centraloceans.com
Continental Shipping Inc.continentalshipping.com
Crowley(800) 276-9539crowley.com
Crowley Logistics(800) 276-9539crowley.com
Cycle Up Supply Chain Services(770) 490-5861
D&L Logistics LLC(904) 449-8952
Doma Export(904) 487-2504domaexport.com
Encore Forwarding, Inc.(904) 741-5040encfor.com
Expeditors International(407) 816-0186expeditors.com
Exportout, LLC(904) 803-2500exportout.com
Farnell Freight Forwarders, Inc.(904) 598-1333farnellfreight.com
Farris Global Logistics(904) 924-0060
GT Worldwide Transport, Inc.(904) 930-4344shipgt.com
International Freight Transport, Inc.(904) 853-7961ift.com
J.F. Moran(904) 743-9742jfmoran.com
JAB Forwarding, Inc.(904) 779-0030jabforwarding.com
JAN Container Lines LLC(718) 704-9074jan.global
JIX International Freight Specialists(904) 861-0436
JZI LogisticSolutions, A RoadOne Company(904) 527-3902jzexpcompanies.com
Kuehne+Nagel(404) 734-1207Kuehne-Nagel.com
LaJay Logistics Inc.(229) 630-0230LaJaysLogistics.com
Litmark Inc. International Shipping Co.(904) 741-8199
Morningstar Freight Forwarders(904) 771-7988freightncargo.com
Odyssey Caribbean Shipping Services(904) 247-0031caribbeanshipping.com
Pilot Freight Services(904) 741-4990pilotdelivers.com
Senate Forwarding(904) 278-0708
Send Fast USA, LLC(904) 300-3540
SilvaBak Freight Brokerage & Logistics LLC(904) 597-4062
Company NamePhoneWebsite

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