Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan visits Blount Island: “Great to see how JAXPORT is growing”

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Deegan visit
Aug 1, 2023 | Cargo Blog

JAXPORT welcomed Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan to port terminals to share how the port and its partners are building a more efficient and environmentally sustainable port of the future.

“As a city that wants to become more successful with its port, even more successful than we are, it’s great to see the steps that are being taken – and the city wants to be a good partner in that way,” Mayor Deegan said.

Port leadership provided updates on infrastructure projects that were recently completed, including harbor deepening and a 100-million-dollar berth rehabilitation. They also discussed projects underway, such as the SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal modernization, eco-friendly cargo-handling improvements, and the multimillion Southeast Toyota Distributors facility to enhance vehicle-handling and processing at Blount Island.

“It’s really impressive to see everything that is happening out here,” Mayor Deegan said from the crane operator’s seat 130 feet up in the air.

Mayor Deegan also met with terminal workers to discuss how efficient cargo operations ensure a strong and resilient supply chain for Jacksonville businesses and residents.

“I loved hearing that many of them started in one place and were able to move up to another place,” Mayor Deegan said. “We heard that over and over from people that they had an opportunity to move around within the port to do things they wanted to do, and they were excited about that. I think that’s a great opportunity for people.”

Thank you, Mayor Deegan, for stopping by to see how the port contributes to jobs and economic opportunity for the City of Jacksonville.