JAXPORT Delivers Jobs!

Aug 24, 2015 | Press Releases

Trade and transportation fuel Northeast Florida’s economy!

Did you know? More than 99% of port jobs in Jacksonville are provided by a large network of private companies doing business in and around JAXPORT facilities.

Below are some of the types of jobs supported by cargo activity in Northeast Florida.

Freight forwarder – individual or company that prepares the documentation and coordinates the movement and storage of export cargoes. Think: Travel agent for export cargo.

Customs broker – agent who helps importers and exporters understand and meet federal trade regulations.

Warehouse manager  – employee who oversees the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely dispatch of goods.

Master rigger  – highly trained dock workers certified in moving heavy/oversized cargo

Bar pilot – a licensed expert shiphandler who possesses detailed knowledge of local waterways and ensures the safe navigation of ships in and out of the harbor.

Porter – an employee who loads passengers’ luggage onto a cruise ship.

Crane technician – specialized mechanics who work on the mobile equipment that loads/unloads cargo from ships.

Checker – a clerk who checks the actual number of goods arriving on a ship and compares that number to the amount listed on the ship’s manifest (document used by U.S. Customs and other officials).

Truck Driver – one of the logistics industry’s most in-demand occupations.

The Trucking Track Mentoring Program connects military veterans with job opportunities in the trucking industry.

Learn more about the program, including current job openings, here: http://truckingtrack.org/

Master – the officer in charge of a commercial vessel.