JAXPORT Offers Fast Access to Major Consumer Markets in the Southeast US

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Feb 4, 2021 | Cargo Blog

JAXPORT’s strategic location at the crossroads of the nation’s rail and highway network offers proximity to more than 98 million consumers and manufacturing locations throughout the Southeast U.S.

Ranked the third largest state in the U.S. by population and growing, Florida currently boasts 21.6 million people with more than seven million of those residents living within a three-hour drive of JAXPORT terminals, according to the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research.

With three major interstates – I-10, I-75, and I-95 – within minutes of JAXPORT terminals, truck drivers can quickly get on the road to deliver cargo to its next destination.

Jacksonville offers more than 100 trucking and drayage firms that can partner with you to provide an efficient supply chain – whether you are looking to dray a load across town or across the state or region.

Truck Service Times to Key Markets

These trucking service firms are listed in our JAXPORT Northeast Florida Business Directory:

Company NamePhoneWebsite
1st Class Carrier, Inc.(904) 509-31221stclasscarrier.com
AAA Cooper Transportation(904) 355-4722aaacooper.com
Aim South Logistics(904) 261-2733aimsouthlogistics.com
Air Van, Inc.(904) 741-4930airvaninc.com
Alpha Prime Logistics(305) 965-3191
Aqua Gulf Xpress, Inc.(904) 359-0076aquagulf.com
ARL Transport, LLC(904) 388-4447arlnetwork.com
Arrow Truck Sales(904) 786-3678arrowtruck.com
Atlantic Freight, Inc.(904) 722-8945atlanticfreight.us
Atlantic Logistics, Inc.(800) 940-8712shipatlantic.com
Averitt Express(904) 387-1423averittexpress.com
BAM Freight(904) 559-1731bamfreight.com
Bowman Trailer Leasing(904) 783-1857bowmanleasing.com
BP Express, Inc.(904) 353-3701bpxlogistics.com
Bulkmatic Transport Co.(904) 363-3145bulkmatic.com
Burris Logistics(904) 265-5990burrislogistics.com
C&K Trucking, LLC(201) 960-3159cktrucking.com
CCC Transportation(904) 764-4516
Central Freight(904) 783-9122centralfreight.com
Centurion Auto Transport(904) 766-8500centurionautologistics.com
Citrus Transport, LLC(904) 683-6762citrustransport.com
CMC Logistics(904) 696-7852
CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing Inc.(904) 766-9703cmdtrailers.com
CND Trucking, Inc.(904) 695-1045
Coastal International Logistics (CIL Forwarding)(904) 589-3010coastalinternationallogistics.com
Comtrak Logistics, Inc.(904) 353-6161comtrakinc.com
Continuum Transportation Services, LTD(904) 900-2900continuumtrans.com
Corporate Traffic Logistics(904) 727-0051corporatetraffic.com
Coyote Logistics, LLC(866) 490-8804coyote.com
Crowley Logistics(800) 276-9539crowley.com
CT Transportation, LLC(912) 964-8467
Customized Trucking, Inc.(904) 726-4320customizedtrucking.com
Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.(800) 874-6763cypresstruck.com
Door to Port(904) 559-9122dtptransport.com
DRB Transport(904) 365-3965drbtransport.us
E Transport Group(888) 301-7718suntecktts.com
Eagle Express(800) 632-4313
Eagle Systems(904) 478-5030eaglesystems.net
Eagle Systems, Inc.(904) 583-4261eaglesystems.com
Eagle Transport Corp.(904) 632-1288eagletransportcorp.com
Estes Express Lines(904) 384-2277estes-express.com
Evans Delivery Company(904) 632-2090
Exxact Express, Inc.(863) 577-1817exxact.net
Falcon Transport, Inc.(904) 713-8900
First Coast Logistics of North Florida(904) 757-0481firstcoast.net
Fleet Trailer, LLC(904) 758-3001fleettrailer.com
FMX, Inc.(904) 598-2683fmxtruck.com
Forward Intermodal(904) 751-6713forward-intermodal.com
Four to Score Trucking a Blue and Grey Company(904) 662-2271
Freedom 1 LLC(904) 291-5963freedom1logistics.com
Freedom Expedited Services(904) 741-4780
FY Logistics LLC(904) 999-9905fylogisticsllc.com
Global Freight and Commerce, LLC(904) 862-6978globalfreightandcommerce.com
Go Logistics(904) 641-7716gologisticsusa.com
Great Dane Trailers(904) 786-9362greatdanetrailers.com
Hart Transportation, Inc.(904) 786-0805
Herndon Bros., Inc.(904) 266-2221
Horizon Southhorizonfreightsystem.com
HTS Logistics(904) 990-5893htslogistics.com
Inter Continental Logistics, Inc.(904) 781-0030
Irex Logistics, LLC(904) 203-4578irexlogistics.com
Jan's Transport LLC(904) 624-8483janstransportllc.net
Jax Global Cargo(904) 674-6886northfloridawarehouseftz.com
Jax Logistics(904) 421-0234jaxlog.com
Jim Lawrence Transportation(904) 368-0777jimlawrencetrans.com
Kenan Advantage Group(904) 353-5112thekag.com
Land Transportation, An Evans Delivery Company(904) 358-3103evansdelivery.com
Logistical Transportation Company, Inc.(904) 509-3350logistical-company.com
Markham Endeavors(904) 374-6790markhamendeavors.com
Mercer Transportation Co.(904) 824-6425mercer-trans.com
National Tire Solutions, Inc.(904) 398-9544ntsretreads.com
NFI Industries Inc.(904) 450-4030nfiindustries.com
O'Quinn Truck Lines(904) 759-5122
Odyssey Caribbean Shipping Services(904) 247-0031caribbeanshipping.com
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.(912) 964-2768odfl.com
Online Transport(904) 940-9303onlinetransport.com
Patriot Logistics, Inc.(904) 207-7579patriot-logistics.com
Patriot Transportation(877) 704-1776patriottrans.com
PB Express(904) 358-1312pbexpress.com
Pettyco Express(904) 695-2200
Pittman Transport, LLC(904) 885-1173
Polaris Intermodal(904) 475-2858Polaris-Intermodal.com
Priority Couriers & Delivery(904) 733-0030theprioritycompany.com
Proficient Auto Transport(904) 772-1175proficientautotransport.com
ProTransport, Inc.(904) 899-0007protransportusa.com
Railport Services, LLC(904) 516-4579suntecktts.com
Raven Transport, Inc.(904) 425-5251raventransport.com
Redoak/Reliant Logistics(904) 394-0386redoaklogistics.com
Register Trucking, Inc.(904) 881-4172
RHRT Transport & Logistics, LLC(904) 864-1419
Rose Transportation, Inc.(904) 513-4260rosetransportation.com
Rush Truck Centers - Jacksonville East(904) 661-7900rushtruckcenters.com
SAIA LTL Freight(904) 696-5860SAIA.com
Seaport Trucking Services(518) 881-7377
Shark Expedited, LLC(904) 253-3148sharkexpedited.com
Shelton Trucking Service, Inc.(904) 764-4472sheltontrucking.com
Shoreside Logistics(904) 996-2754shoresidelogistics.com
Skyline Jacksonville(904) 900-3097skylinedray.com
Southeastern Freight Lines(904) 798-7000
Specialty Freight(904) 398-4788specialtyfreight.com
Sterett Heavy Hauling, LLC(904) 745-5996sterettheavyhauling.com
Sunteck Transport Group(904) 222-0407suntecktts.com
Total Transportation of MS LLC(904) 371-3451totalms.com
Total Transportation, a Division of US Xpress(904) 371-3451totalms.com
Trans-Logistics Management Services, Inc.(904) 821-0322translogisticsinc.com
Transforce, Inc.(904) 276-8445transforce.com
Tri Star Freight System, Inc.(904) 693-1577tristarfreightsys.com
Tri Star Logistics(904) 598-0333tristartruckandtrailer.com
Trillium Drivers(904) 573-3878trilliumdrivers.com
Truck Logistics Services operated by SunteckTTS(904) 516-4579suntecktts.com
Truck Logistics Services, Inc.(800) 528-2794suntecktts.com
TRX Trucking(904) 352-8018trxtrucking.com
Turning Point Transport Inc.(904) 373-0280
Universal Intermodal Services, Inc.(904) 559-3416universalintermodal.com
US 1 Logistics(904) 436-6999us1industries.com
West Motor Freight of PA(904) 619-7262Westmotor.com
WJW Associates, Ltd.(904) 781-5600wjwltd.com
XPO Logistics(877) 373-7886xpo.com
Yellow Transportation Inc.(904) 764-9600
YRC Freight(904) 764-9600yrc.com
Company NamePhoneWebsite

Utilize JAXPORT’s Business Directory to connect with service providers in Jacksonville and take the next step to increasing the efficiency of your domestic and international shipments.

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