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Global Freight and Commerce company
Dec 3, 2021 | Cargo Blog

Veteran-owned trucking company boosts area’s truck driver availability while serving those who served

With more than two decades of active duty service in the U.S. Army, six combat tours to Iraq and Bosnia, and three tours in Korea, Global Freight and Commerce CEO Jesus Garay knows what it means to be on the front lines. 

“I was in the Army for 20 years and what most people don’t realize is that a lot of what we’re doing over there is running trucks,” Garay said.

In the service, Garay handled artillery and operations. His role included shuttling trucks to various locations to disperse supplies, food, and mail—all in support of moving critical items he calls the military’s “lifeline” overseas.

Jesus Garay, Global Freight and Commerce

After retiring from the service in 2016, Garay opened Jacksonville-based Global Freight and Commerce. The transportation company hauls freight across 48 states and is 100 percent owner-operated, meaning drivers own their equipment and set their own schedules.


“We’re pushing close to 18 trucks right now. We’re trying to go to 30 next year. Every year after that we’re going to try to put between four and six trucks on and then we’ll just keep going from there.” 

The pandemic has fueled a high demand for drivers nationwide, creating opportunities for veterans looking to enter the civilian workforce.

That’s where the company’s veteran career opportunity comes in—which helps recent truck driving school graduates with prior military experience purchase a truck of their own.

After driving for the company for at least a year, those drivers can stay with Global Freight and Commerce or operate independently. For Garay, it’s a way to build business, fill a need in the in-demand truck driving space, and give back to the community.

Global Freight and Commerce employs an initiative called Global 360. The program encourages unskilled laborers to complete truck driving school, enter into the workforce as a professional driver, and eventually become an owner/operator.

“Our military folks sometimes struggle when they leave the service. Their resume doesn’t always match civilian job descriptions. Me being retired military, I want to help those guys– and girls – come on home. We’ll train them how do it the right way. They’ll make a lot of money and will be safe. It’s a good way for them to relaunch themselves back into the civilian sector.”

In addition to the 18 drivers currently on staff, Global Freight also coordinates service from a network of owner-operators who move a variety of freight—everything from batteries and produce to furniture and other consumer goods.

Garay says the success of Global Freight, and the impact it has on helping area veterans, has made his career transition feel like a natural fit. “I was going to work for myself regardless when I retired from the Army. I am supposed to be doing this,” he said.

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