JAXPORT partner supports COVID-19 relief ‘one container at a time’

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Crowley News Clip
May 26, 2020 | Cargo Blog

Jacksonville TV station WJAX recently profiled the work JAXPORT partner Crowley is doing to provide much-needed supplies to those in need during COVID-19.

Watch news clip.

Crowley Vice President for Government Supply Chain Patrick Wallace reported the company has moved more than 20 million MREs (meals ready to eat), as well as personal protection equipment like masks and gowns, for U.S. Military and civilian use.

The Jacksonville-based logistics company is one of three Jones Act carriers serving Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Central America through JAXPORT. Others include TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico and Trailer Bridge, Inc. Jacksonville has long served as a lifeline to Puerto Rico, accounting for 90 percent of the goods shipped to and from the mainland United States to the island.

Crowley’s efforts are just one way Jacksonville’s transportation and logistics ecosystem is working to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Logistics and warehouse providers in Northeast Florida are offering additional warehouse capacity to shippers experiencing disruptions in their supply chain. Jacksonville boasts more than 138 million square feet of warehouse space – capacity that is in demand as BCOs look for space to store their cargo that is in flux as the demand for retail has slowed.

JAXPORT is also offering assistance to Northeast Florida companies during this time. The port is currently deferring the application fee for all new Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 64 applications. JAXPORT’s FTZ No. 64 offers companies significant cost-savings at a time when every penny counts.

JAXPORT terminals remain open and fully operational as the country navigates the uncertainties of COVID-19. The port’s team of cargo experts are available to answer your questions and connect you with area resources to meet your supply chain needs.