JAXPORT Success Story: 1A Auto Case Study

1A Auto Warehouse
Mar 15, 2023 | Cargo Blog


1A Auto is one of the nation’s largest online-only suppliers of aftermarket auto parts. The company caters to do-it-yourselfers and also offers thousands of how-to videos to help consumers complete their own auto repairs.


1A Auto was operating fulfillment centers in the Northeast U.S. and Midwest, but their client base had expanded into Florida. The company wanted to streamline logistics to reach their customers faster.


1A Auto selected Jacksonville as the site for its Southeast US distribution operations. 1A Auto’s facility near JAXPORT’s Blount Island Marine Terminal is used to same-day ship imported auto accessories and repair parts—including headlights, mirrors, brake kits, and shocks and struts—from Asia for e-commerce distribution throughout the Southeast US. Products reach customers within one to two days rather than three to five days and the company is saving money on shipping.

“Our new facility’s proximity to JAXPORT, the rail, the airport and the UPS Sort Center, makes Jacksonville an excellent logistics location for retail and ecommerce in particular,” said 1A Auto Chief Operating Officer Pasha Gavrichev.

“We’re able to reach virtually 100 percent of our customers in Florida overnight from Jacksonville, which was a real selling point for us. The port’s service capabilities and professionalism on the sales side were also important because we knew we would have the expertise to assist us for whatever we needed from the logistics perspective.”

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