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Our Brand Promise

Seamlessly connecting your cargo and customers


JAXPORT offers shippers service to more than 140 ports in 70 countries, connecting major international markets with U.S. consumers.


Jacksonville’s skilled labor force of 845,000+ enables our port city to move more containers than any other port in the State of Florida.


JAXPORT terminals integrate with three U.S. interstates, on-dock rail, 40 daily trains, more than 100 trucking firms, and dozens of ocean carriers, providing shippers with a seamless transportation experience.


The total landed cost of cargo shipments from Asia to Florida distribution centers is among the lowest in the Southeastern U.S. when shipping through JAXPORT. Jacksonville also offers low warehouse operating costs and leasing rates for cost-effective distribution.


JAXPORT’s leadership and sales team regularly provide customized solutions to overcome the toughest transportation challenges.

Our Mission

Creating jobs and opportunity by offering the most competitive environment for the movement of cargo and people.

Refreshing JAXPORT's brand

The process of brand redevelopment starts with research.

Lots and lots of research.

Our team spent hundreds of hours completing a brand audit, competitive analysis, market research surveys, and customer and staff interviews, to fine-tune our messaging and position in the marketplace.

What we found, as author Alina Wheeler promised in the book, Designing Brand Identity, is that when you dedicate yourselves to the process, a Big Idea percolates to the top.

Whether you are a beneficial cargo owner, carrier, NVO, customs broker, freight forwarder or logistics company, @JAXPORT is the exact location where your business can achieve success.

Our Big Idea for JAXPORT is: X Marks the Spot.

We know from a recent survey of logistics professionals that our port has been a hidden treasure. In fact, 42 percent of those surveyed were not familiar with the Port of Jacksonville, and competitors were more recognizable.

However, our customers prize JAXPORT’s dedication to client service and consistently give high marks to our organization’s leadership.

Just as an “X” forms a crossroads, our port is located at the crossroads of the nation’s highway and rail network, within minutes of three Interstate highways and with easy access to two Class I rail lines as well as regional rail.

The Grammarist’s definition of “X marks the spot” states, “This is the exact location; the thing that you are looking for may be found in this exact area.”

Our port’s customers seek a seamless transportation experience, global connections, high-quality service and competitive rates: in other words, everything that we offer.

Whether you are a beneficial cargo owner, carrier, NVO, customs broker, freight forwarder or logistics company, The Port of Jacksonville is the exact location where your business can achieve success.

Jeff Price
Manager, Marketing

Developing the logo

JAXPORT is entering a new era.

Our leadership team is focused on positioning JAXPORT as a premier, global gateway while delivering a world-class customer experience.

Our new logo started with a conic map projection. I marked Jacksonville’s location and drew lines to connect our city to the 140 ports we reach around the globe.


JAXPORT conic map projection

Combining the mark with the name JAXPORT, the letter X overlays Jacksonville’s location at the center of our trade lanes, leading the viewer to conclude: X marks the spot.

With a bold and modern color palette, the new JAXPORT logo conveys our intention to make a positive mark on the industry.

We invite you – our partners, customers, and friends – to join us on this journey.

Amy Klinkenberg
Creative Services Coordinator
Logo Designer

Sharing our story

You may have heard that “content is king.”

At this dynamic, growing port, we never lack for content, because there’s always something happening at JAXPORT.

However, while it’s second-nature for our team to publish news about the port, our customers have come to expect more. Our organization is perceived as the major link for the transportation community in our region, the crossroads for information for carriers and terminal operators, warehousing and distribution interests, trucking and rail providers, and stakeholders throughout the region.

Florida port JAXPORT at Blount Island Marine Terminal

So we will be expanding our storytelling in a proactive way to inspire and inform the business community and the people of Northeast Florida, not just about the benefits and opportunities created by our growing port, but also the ways our partners and their businesses can achieve more.

These are the stories we’re passionate about sharing.

Chelsea Kavanagh
Public Information Officer

Revealing the brand

We showed our friends at work first.

JAXPORT’s employees feel a cultural shift is taking place at the port, and our rebrand captures their spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Following internal presentations, we shifted the conversation to social media, highlighting the new palette as well as the unique attributes of JAXPORT’s brand in a series of teaser images and messages.

Our team also gave a few of our contacts in the industry a sneak peek, inviting brand influencers a chance to participate in the discussion.

All of our messaging led to the big reveal on April 30, when CEO Eric Green unveiled JAXPORT’s new brand to more than 350 transportation industry professionals at the 2019 JAXPORT Logistics & Intermodal Conference. As part of the announcement, they played JAXPORT’s new brand video, which showcases the port’s facilities and the individuals who keep cargo moving in and out of Northeast Florida.

What’s neXt?

In the months ahead, you can look forward to reading more stories illustrating the bold new future of the Jacksonville Port Authority.

Whitney Croxton
Sr. Coordinator, Marketing

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