Opportunity on the horizon for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Jul 9, 2021 | Cargo Blog

Story first appeared in the 2021 JAXPORT Magazine

Disruption in the supply chain, from the trade war dispute between China and the U.S. and the COVID-19 global pandemic, is creating a push for nearshoring. As U.S. companies look to transform their supply chain to mitigate risk there is opportunity for the island of Puerto Rico to grow, utilizing its already strong transportation infrastructure.

JAXPORT and its Puerto Rican carriers, Crowley, TOTE Maritime and Trailer Bridge, stand ready to support. More than 85 percent of the goods shipped to and from the mainland United States and the island come through Jacksonville, Fla. These companies have made investments in their fleet and landside operations to support trade with the island today and in the future.

Each weighed in on the opportunities on the horizon:

Crowley logo

“The opportunity in Puerto Rico to benefit from nearshoring is tremendous. The capability and efficiency of the island’s workforce, contrasted against cost factors and transit times from Asia, makes Puerto Rico a brilliant option. Using Puerto Rico, you can take advantage of 55-hour transits in both directions, making for a faster, more economical option.”

Bob Goldenberg, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Crowley Logistics

TOTE Puerto Rico

“Puerto Rico has demonstrated its capabilities as a global manufacturing center in pharmaceutical and medical devices, possessing the talent, leadership and resources required to support the re-development of this economic sector that is so critical to our nation’s security. TOTE’s dedicated services to the island via JAXPORT ensure a high-level of efficiency and can help strengthen the safety, stability and integrity of the medical supply chain in the U.S.”

Chris Willman, VP of Sales & Marketing, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico

Trailer Bridge logo

“Puerto Rico continues to be a leader in medical device and prescription drug manufacturing with the capabilities to do much more. Supply chains since the pandemic hit have been under distress. Shipping capacity across the global markets has been volatile both in price and service but exporting from Puerto Rico to the US mainland has continued to be consistent and value driven.”

John Wroby, Chief Operating Officer, Trailer Bridge, Inc.