Solicitation IDITB_C-1728R
TitleTMT West Property Clearing & Grubbing

General Scope of Work:   The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is requesting bids from qualified firms to furnish all labor, materials, equipment, incidentals, and supervision necessary to clear, grub, grade, and seed JAXPORT’s Westrock Property (see Contract Drawings).  The work consists of clearing, grubbing and disposal of trees, logs, brush, stumps, shrubs, plants, grass, and rubbish from the designated areas.  All brush, trees, stumps, and root balls shall be removed.  Removal of sections of chain link fence in the interior of the property (as shown in drawing) shall be included.  The project shall also include to root rake the entire site to 18” deep, remove roots and organic material, grade / level ground to fill in depressions, and seed with Bahia grass all disturbed areas, including cleared and grubbed areas and those areas accidentally/incidentally disturbed by the Contractor’s operations.  Estimated areas and quantities are shown in the Drawings, and included in the Bid Form.

Sealed bids will be received by JAXPORT up to 2:00 PM (EST), local time, Wednesday, June 30, 2021, at which time they shall be opened via “Go To Meeting” at:, Access Code:  283-16-2853 for the TMT WESTROCK PROPERTY CLEARING AND GRUBBING.

All bids must be submitted in accordance with specifications and drawings for Contract No. C-1728R.

A PRE-BID CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2021, AT 11:00 AM (EST), via “Go To Meeting” at:

Access Code: 891-977-789. 


Questions: Related to this ITB are due by 12:00 P.M. (EST) on Friday, June 11, 2021. Submit questions by e-mail only to

Interested Bidders:  All vendors/contractors interested in bidding on this project must register with eBuilder via the link below. This provides access to all project bid information including printable versions of the corresponding bid documents. Documents attached below are read-only.

Last UpdatedAugust 9, 2021