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Safety Committee

JAXPORT’s Department of Public Safety leads and facilitates a port-wide Safety Committee comprised of safety professionals from JAXPORT and the tenants of its leased properties.

Working together as partners of the port, the Safety Committee formulates and disseminates policies, practices and procedures that promote health and safety throughout all of JAXPORT.

The Safety Committee focuses on three primary objectives:

  • To provide support and to enhance JAXPORT’s all-encompassing safety program. In addition, Safety Committee members will encourage all of their employees to participate in the safety process.
  • To facilitate the personal safety and health of each employee who works or visits JAXPORT properties to aid in the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • To communicate with all JAXPORT and tenant personnel, and serve as a direct voice to all levels of management.

To contact the Safety Committee:

Chris Crouch

JAXPORT Manager, Risk & Compliance

(904) 357-3083