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Jun 17, 2019 | Cargo Blog

APR Energy is a global leader in fast-track flexible power generation. When a hurricane takes out a utility or a contractor needs to power a construction site, APR deploys a turnkey power plant that provides reliable, cost-effective electricity.

The task of setting up a power plant in a matter of days is a true market niche. The work requires the in-house capability to design, fabricate, assemble, construct and operate rapidly deployed equipment.

According to CEO Chuck Ferry, APR’s predecessor got its start developing temporary power for rock bands playing underserviced venues. Northeast Florida caught the attention of co-founder and Chairman John Campion, and the rest is history. “We expect to be here a long time,” said Ferry.

Founded in 2004, APR Energy has installed over 4,500 megawatts of power capacity across more than 30 countries. Northeast Florida has been an exceptional base for growth and some of that international growth is about to return home.

The company has logistical hubs in Dubai and in the Canary Islands.
“We are collapsing equipment there and bringing it back to the U.S. We determined it is speedier to serve the globe from here,” said Ferry. He particularly likes JAXPORT’s broad choice of global ocean carriers and the areaís ability to handle oversize pieces such as 80,000-pound turbines.

“The vast majority of equipment we deploy goes by sea,” said Ferry. APR uses modularized pieces including trailer-mounted gas turbines from GE, diesel power modules from Caterpillar (which fit in a 40-foot container), and items APR manufactures itself, such as switchyard equipment, to assemble a power plant in as little as 15 days.

APR works with several partners in Northeast Florida’s maritime and logistics communities. One is North Florida Warehouse FTZ, where APR will soon expand to 75,000 square feet of storage.

“A lot of our equipment is U.S.-made and sent abroad,” Ferry said, adding, “When the application is complete, we roll it up, bring it back to Jacksonville, do maintenance, repackage and send it out again.”

North Florida Warehouse FTZ operates the region’s only outdoor yard within JAXPORT’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 64. APR likes the company’s ample storage space, among other advantages. As APR re-enters and redeploys its modular units, North Florida Warehouse FTZ’s secured 40-foot wide gate and its expertise in unloading containers, trailers and out-of-gauge machinery delivered on multi-axle transporters, are invaluable.

“Using the FTZ allows us to save on import taxes,” said Ferry. Project cargo can be stored in the FTZ until it is redeployed or ready to clear customs. “We are skilled and ready to handle value and over-dimensional cargo such
as APR’s on a regular basis,” said Chris Sloope, Chief Operating Officer and Administrator for North Florida Warehouse FTZ.

The FTZ can improve cash flow too, and optimize total transportation costs.

The outlook for APR is bright. Changes in the industry are spurring continued growth and the company’s strong partnerships with Jacksonvilleís logistics community will continue to offer the right solutions.

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