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Ecommerce site selection in today’s changing market

How online retailers are finding logistics efficiencies in Jacksonville, Florida

Learn how Northeast Florida is meeting the industry’s growing demand for industrial real estate space in close proximity to urban population centers.

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JAXPORT – an international trade seaport in Jacksonville, Florida, USA – is your partner for ecommerce.

Speed to Market

Reach your customers faster and more reliably with JAXPORT’s nearby final mile partners, and access the fastest growing market in the Southeast U.S.

JAXPORT delivers for ecommerce logistics
A large container vessel at JAXPORT

global options

Expand your production sources and suppliers with JAXPORT’s worldwide port connections, allowing you to deliver the right product at the right time to the right customer.

Shipping and handling - included

Manage your inventory efficiently with Jacksonville’s competitive shipping options, skilled labor, low warehouse operating costs and attractive leasing rates.

A warehouse in JAXPORT's FTZ No. 64

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CEO Eric Green and SSA Frank McBride

From startups to large retailers, more and more businesses are choosing JAXPORT to optimize their ecommerce supply chains.

Watch our webinar to discover how an online seller leveraged Jacksonville’s ecommerce efficiencies to improve delivery time to the U.S. Southeast by three days.

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Sample of ecommerce companies in Northeast Florida

jaxport's container team

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Lisa Wheldon


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aisha eccleston


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